Warm greetings to everyone gathered in San Jose, California, for the 22nd annual Women of Achievement Awards of the Women's Fund. I am pleased to join you in congratulating this year's distinguished honorees.

Empowered by the achievements of the brave and pioneering women who came before them, women in America today have secured positions as leaders in every facet of our national life. Yet many still face profound challenges on the road to true equality. If America is to compete and succeed in the years to come, all of our citizens must have an equal opportunity to make their own vital contributions. We must rededicate ourselves to removing the barriers that remain in women's paths.

Each of this year's outstanding honorees has done her part to further this goal, working to promote the advancement of women in the arts, business, community service, communications, education, labor, public service, sports, science and technology, and volunteerism, and serving as role models for other women and girls. I commend all of you for striving to ensure that America lives up to its promise of equality and opportunity for all.

Hillary joins me in extending best wishes for a memorable event."



Signed by:  President Bill Clinton



"Dear Friends:

I am pleased to send my personal greetings to everyone attending The Women's Fund 22nd Annual Women of Achievement Awards Celebration. I send my warmest congratulations to all of your award winners who have made important contributions to the life of our nation.

Your award winners show that women have come a long way in our society, providing leadership in areas such as the arts, business, government, sports and the community. As women, we must share our strengths and support each other's efforts to succeed in the workplace and build strong, healthy families. In addition, we must also encourage and support young women and girls, to make the most of their potential.

Again, congratulations  to all of the award winners.  Your lives inspire us all.


Signed by:  Ms. Tipper Gore (Wife of Vice President Al Gore)


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