The Women’s Fund

Entrepreneur’s Award Nomination


The Women's Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to recognize women for their accomplishments, to fund non-profit programs that help improve the lives of women and girls; and to provide scholarships for training and education that will help put them on the path to becoming Women of Achievement.

Their fundraising efforts have benefited the following causes: CONTACT of Santa Clara County, Headlands Institute Environment Science Camps, P.R.I.D.E., Aris Project for AIDS/Women's House, the Girl Scouts' Leadership Conference, and have provided scholarships for education and training through their Women of Promise Scholarship and Grant Program.

 In November 1997, Sarah Green was nominated in the entrepreneurial category for this prestigious award.  The ceremony was held at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts and included a performance of Cirque San Jose.  It was attended by the group of girls from San Benito High School that Sarah was mentoring.  This was the culmination of her urging them to plan for a better life and proof of the rewards that lie in store for them.  This event gave them a look at a new world, a better world and proof that a child who grows up disadvantaged can overcome the obstacles and immerge triumphant.

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Sarah E. Green received congratulations from:

· President Bill Clinton

· Senator Barbara Boxer

· Senator Diane Feinstein

· Ms. Tipper Gore

· CA Assemblymember Liz Figueroa