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The Pace Award for Excellence

 U.S. Department of Commerce

Sarah E. Green, President of Computerific!has advanced the process of high tech learning by combining fun, the psychology of learning and computer literacy. She observed the eagerness and ability to quickly absorb computer training by vacationers who took her classes aboard several cruise ships. Sarah has combined the atmosphere of a cruise ship into her business, Computerific!, to form one of the most successful and innovative "High Tech" consulting/training facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her company received the PACE Award for Excellence from the U.S. Department of Commerce for the most innovative means of preparing the workforce for the 21st century. Sarah's leadership in the San Francisco Bay Area has been evidenced during the recession. The County of Santa Clara accepted her proposal for the Career Transition Program for dislocated workers. Through this program she was able to help individuals laid off to change their negative liability into positive assets.


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