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Sarah E. Green is available for Motivational Speaking engagements.  She prefers to call it “Inspirational Speaking.”

She has appeared before middle school, high school and college students as well as victims of domestic violence.


Subject:  Inspirational Speaking


Sarah's Celebrity Showcase


The girls of San Benito High saw photos  of Sarah dressed in evening gowns, with handsome male escorts, being serenaded by strolling violinists at gourmet dinners (no more Spam and rummage sales, Sarah). 

Here they viewed photos of movie stars and other celebrities who were her students.  Some of the names they were not familiar with - Dr. Leo Buscaglia, "the Love Doctor," (Lecturer and Author), Van Johnson (Actor), Flip Wilson (Comedian) and Margaret O'Brien (Actress).  They saw another picture of Sarah at the St. Thomas estate of John Patrick (Pulitzer Prize-winning Playwright including "Teahouse of the August Moon" and "The Hasty Heart" with Ronald Reagan). They saw another picture of her with Astronaut Dick Gordon and his wife.  He was Commander of the Apollo 12 spacecraft.



Sarah has been deeply involved with San Jose State University, Prospect High School, and San Benito High School as well as several middle schools in San Francisco Bay area. She delivers motivational speeches including photo collages of her travels around the world and the celebrities she has met.  She has  invited students to visit Computerific!Her motivational speeches come straight from her heart in a rags-to-riches format.


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