“It made me feel that if you can do it, so can I.  I felt motivated and excited that you can come from the ghetto eating Spam and going to school not caring about what other people thought.  I had thought that all my dreams won’t be able to come true, but your life proves that they can.  You motivated me to continue to follow my dreams. - Kiesa”

“Made me feel good about myself.  It made me think a lot about what I want to be.  It made me think a lot about knowing not to give up.  It stimulated me by teaching me not to give up and to go for what I want to be in the future.  Monica”

“I think everybody could achieve what they want if they work for it and not let anybody interfere or decide for yourself.  Maria “

“You really made me feel different towards myself in a special way, of course.  I felt so sure of myself and I also thought twice about myself.  I know if I really try my hardest, I will become as successful as you have become. - Vanessa - Your friend always.”

“I like how you talked about your life with a great viewing of you knowing “you can do it.”  Your life seemed very difficult for a woman with a child but you really figured it out and stood up.  You made me think differently.  You gave me lots of demonstration of what life can be.  You also stimulated me a lot.  I can be creative in many ways.  Smiley dog face. - Adriana”

“Made me feel different because I thought life was easy but after I heard you talk I realized life is not easy.”

“I feel more secure about myself because of your success In your life.  I want to succeed, too, because there is nothing more important than a good education.  I have a English problem.  I came from Mexico three years ago.  I’m going to learn English and become a kindergarten teacher..  You are a good example to me because you tried hard to be what you want. - Guadalupe

“Your life has been a great example to continue with our studies, and great goals.  Your life has had great goals and I sincerely thank you because your great force to go on makes us as women have more courage in society. - Maria”

“It really inspired me because you have really worked hard to get where you are.  I learned from all of this that you should never give up when you want something. - Noame.”

“You held my attention and it’s hard for me to pay attention.  Well this is my last year of high school.  I hope to be strong like my mom and you.  Both of you are very strong ladies and work very hard to be where you are now.  I hope to get something good with my life like travel around the world.  This summer I am planning to go to Cancun.  I’m also planning to go to Gavilan College - Patricia (Smiley face).”

You are a great person and a great example for every child in this world to not give up.  You made me think to not give up on anything and to try and be what I want to be and to reach my goal.  I hope you travel more and go on those other cruises.  Love always, Melissa”

“I want to be a model, it’s my dream and now I’m going to work very hard…I came from Mexico two years ago and I can’t speak, write and read too much, but I try because I want to learn well. - Your friend, Reyna”

It gives me great hope that I may one day achieve my goals and possibly go as far as you have gone.  I’m happy that you found your wings to fly with, and your wings haven’t been broken yet.  Keep soaring as high as the sky and I will do the same. - Melinda”

This presentation helped me to understand that I have to study hard and make my mom proud of me.  Before this presentation I didn’t want to go to college.  This presentation helped me to feel like I have to go to be what I want to be.  Sarah, I think you are a strong woman and your son and parents are proud of you. - Anna


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