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After the inspirational sessions I held at San Benito High, and after the students’ visit to Computerific! I received the letters that the students had promised as part of my technique.  I had asked that they write about what they were thinking during my presentations, how or if it would affect their future and for a general critique. The results exceeded my expectations.  I wish I could have given them more time and advice.  I am planning to follow up with them if it is possible.  Their responses are quoted below.


“Inspiring.  Fantastic speaker; motivated me to make decisions.  I really understood where you were coming from.;  I really admire you.  Everything was just perfect.  I hope you know you are doing what’s right for you.  I like your opinions…positive attitude.”  No signature

“You are a good person.  All students who hear you will want a good education.  I like the song.”  No signature

“The only thing I regret is you can’t tell the whole school your story.  Keep on inspiring people and hope to see you again.  Write to me.  Julie Anna”

“I wish we could visit your business.- Maria”

“I would really enjoy another visit from you. - Vanessa“

“I hope we could take a field trip to your company and I hope you come back to our class.  Patty”

“How do I get in your field of work?  Someone took a chance on you.  What if no one takes a chance on me?  What would I do to qualify? Amelia”

“Are Buyers in high demand?”  No signature.

“Finish your poem.”  No signature

“What classes did you take in high school and college?”  No signature

“Tell the whole school your story.  Keep on inspiring people.  Write to me.- Julie Anna”

“There was nothing wrong.  Everything was just perfect.  I’m really happy for you now that you are doing what is right for you.- Rosa

“I felt good during the presentation.  I like your positive attitude.  You bring your positive ideas and commentary to us because you are a good person.  I think that all students that you speak to will have a positive idea and will want a good education.  I like the song. - Erica”

“Like to hear more persons like you. - Laura

“The conversation and the song were very interesting.  I hope that I can speak with you again.  You are a good example for us. - Reyna

“I hope we can visit your business. - Maria

“The story of your life was very touching and sad…I really got into it - other presentations were boring.  I wanted to keep listening because it was a really good story.  I am very happy for you that everything worked out fine for you because you seem like the kind of lady I would like to become close to you and keep in touch with you because I would like to share my feelings with you.  I already feel like you are a person that I could trust.  Your story was very emotional and I liked your personality.  Good luck with your company.  You deserve it! - Erika

“Fantastic Speaker.  Very interesting and inspiring.  Nice to take time to talk to us.  Proud of your success because you are a woman.  Laura

“It’s pretty cool that you got through everything and became successful with your son beside you. - Karina

“I know you had a hard time as a child …I’m happy for you. - Erica”

“I want to congratulate you.  You are a person who gets success without any help.  That is an inspiration for a woman that if you want to do something, all you have to do is try.  If you don’t try, you can’t do something. - Veronica”

“I wish you and your son success.  Thank you for coming.  You go girl!  Veronica” (Smiley face.)

“I really appreciated your talking to us - the trouble you went through and the courage to talk to a group of teenage girls.  I hope you and your son have a happy life - you both deserve it.  I laughed a lot when we were singing.  I really admire you. - Araceli”

“It feels good to know that someone cares about my goals and what I want to be when I grow up.” No signature

“I think you did right by going to college.  It didn’t matter what age you were.  What mattered was that you were willing to continue with your life. - Maria”

“It means a lot to me knowing that there are people like you that care.”  No signature.

“I feel very happy now because with your speech, my mind was changed to positive dreams.  I had never seen a speaker like you.  After you spoke, I felt that I’m in an open way.  And the songs you gave us are exactly the truth.  Thank you for your speech and congratulations for being a good lady In the world.  Thank you again.  You are a good example for us. - Gloria

“I felt sad when you were talking to us about the way you and your family lived.  It we lived the way you did, we wouldn’t have this good education. - Patty”

“From a thankful listener.  Your speech was very touching.  To think that from down low, you got to where you are now.  You are a great role model because even if they told you that you were too old to go to college, you still went and got a great degree.  And how you had to put up with so much because of your color.  I’m Mexican but I’m dark like an African, so if I grew up In your days, I would have been colored too.  That’s dumb how some people will treat another just because of their color of skin. - Cynthia”

“I think your speech was motivating.  Especially when you said that there’s always an open door to us. - Elizabeth”


“I’m very happy because you gave me a example to continue studying very hard to achieve what I want. You are an example to follow because you achieved what you wanted.  That’s why I want to follow you because I want to be a model.  It’s my dream and now I’m going to work very hard. - Reyna”

“You motivated me to make decisions. - Julie Anna”

“Made me feel like everything is possible. - Laura”

“I thought that some things would not be possible to have or do, but hearing your story has changed the way I think.- Laura

“You got it in my head that every goal is possible and I believe that now and know that I shouldn’t give up on anything. - take a chance and a risk. - Karina”

“During your presentation I felt like I can do anything by trying like you did.”  No signature.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal but just hearing your speech made me feel different.  Yes, it did stimulate me. - Erica”

“You made me think about my dreams - I want to sing.  I want to take singing classes.  I feel motivated because women can do anything.  Your life is one example.”  No signature.

It gives me great hope that I may one day achieve my goals and possibly go as far as you have gone.  I’m happy that you found your wings to fly with, and your wings haven’t been broken yet.  Keep soaring as high as the sky and I will do the same. - Melinda Baker.”

This presentation helped me to understand that I have to study hard and make my mom proud of me.  Before this presentation I didn’t want to go to college.  This presentation helped me to feel like I have to go to be what I want to be.  Sarah, I think you are a strong woman and your son and parents are proud of you. - Anna”


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