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Computerific! strives to convince people of all ages and backgrounds that computers are terrific!

Computerific! is involved with the Community.

Computerific! has donated training spaces to Project Hired to train disabled workers for re-entering the job market.

Sarah Green performs Motivational/Inspirational Speaking sessions to inspire young students at e.g.,  Prospect High School, San Benito High School, and San Jose State University to encourage them to start planning for a college education and/or to get training in technology-related areas.  Sarah  also performs Motivational Speaking for middle school students in San Jose, CA to inspire them to complete their education and make their contribution to this world.


Sarah Green has visited a “safe house” in the San Jose, CA area and inspired the female victims of domestic violence to look forward to a brighter day.  She assured them that there is life after spousal abuse and shares some of her unpleasant experiences and subsequent unbelievable successes!  It was an afternoon of love, hugs, tears and hope.  Whew…!


Computerific!  has helped the Community

For every six hours paid for by a client company (for training its employees), Computerific! has provided one hour  of free training to a qualified community member. Training hours were even accumulated to enroll a San Jose, CA community member in the long-term Computerific! Career Coaching program.

Benefit your Company when You Benefit Others!

Companies that utilize Computerific! services have been provided a free link to their website and/or e-mail address listed on this website.


REK the Computer

Press Conference

October 2, 2006

Cindy Chavez—Vice Mayor of San Jose, CA

Antonio Villaraigosa—Mayor of Los Angeles, CA

Sarah E. Green—Owner of Computerific!, San Jose, CA

   (left of Mayor Villaraigosa)