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For six years Computerific! has provided computer training services for residents of affordable housing developments in the San Jose, CA geographic area, e.g. projects by Related Management.and Community Housing Developers.

Classes can be customized for the resident population.  As we learn more about the needs of the students in terms of prior computer knowledge, English language skills, as well as their needs and interests, we provide an appropriate curriculum. 


Classes offered by Computerific!

(customized for residents)



*  Enrich your Life … by learning that “The World is Waiting for Me tm”   See Below and Click here.

*  Enrich your Life … with Computer Skills for fun and education.

*  Enrich your Life … by Creating Fun Computer Documents.

*  Enrich your Life … with Improved English Skills (computer-based).

*  Enrich your Life … with Math and Science Skills (computer-based).



*  Enrich your Life - by Setting and Achieving your Goals (computer-based and Inspirational Speaking)

*  Enrich your Life - with Computer Research Skills for health information, financial tips, job search, government programs, news, Internet safety for your kids, and other topics of interest.

*  Enrich your Life - with Budgeting and Financial Planning (Computer-based and can include a guest speaker from the financial industry)

*  Enrich your Life - by Inspiring your Child (seminar by Sarah E. Green)

*  Enrich your Life - by Planning your Career (computer-based and seminar by Sarah E. Green)

*  Enrich your Life - by Polishing your English Skills (computer and tutorial)

We create Class Portfolios as evidence of the effectiveness of the program.  It also gives students a sense of pride.

Computerific! strives to convince people of all ages and backgrounds that computers are terrific!

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Resident Enrichment Program

Affordable Housing Developments

Text Box: Sarah Green, who was once a child herself, shares with children her childhood memories and how she thinks they contributed to who she is today.  
Sarah puts life into perspective for the child by recounting stories of her disadvantaged childhood and contrasts that to her achievements as Business Owner, Published Writer for major newspapers and magazines, cruise ship world traveler, national computer training award winner, and her guest interviews on television.  She alerts these youth to the advantages they have to grow up and lead a successful, fulfilling life.  By explaining to them the role that her peers played in making the world what it is today, it becomes evident that life doesn’t just happen – that we create it. 
She impresses upon children of all ages the importance of an education in preparing them to make a good life for themselves and to make their contribution to the world.  Sarah makes each one of them feel important to improve his or her self-esteem.  They become empowered with the knowledge that the world is waiting for them.  Then she counsels these young people in how to handle “being different” or being “better than the rest” once they embark upon this transition. 
She awakens them to the realization that they will soon be in charge of the world; that the things that they don’t like about the world today will soon be theirs to change.  Sarah expands the horizons of young people and places them in a new sphere of influence.  They start to feel empowered and actually make commitments to their future and the future of the world.
Skills taught include how to make correct decisions; how to set realistic goals and evaluate the resources and support needed, to design time lines; to measure their progress; and how to focus on the goal.  Teens will also learn the importance of etiquette and presentation skills to their future success.  The sessions include colorful handouts, prizes, music and songs that inspire, combining fun with the essentials of success.
Sarah invites each attendee to write a “Dear Sarah” letter to state his or her innermost feelings about their lives after attending Sarah’s sessions.  Letters received to date include expressions of gratitude, new aspirations and dreams, as well as commitments to do better in school, to not become pregnant and expressions of hope for the future.  .

The World is Waiting for Me   can be customized for students.

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