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In the early 1980's Computerific!, formerly Sarah E. Green Associates (SEG) provided corporate clients, as well as small businesses and individuals, with office automation and computer training services. I spent my time implementing HP 3000 office automation systems and training the office staffs to become Computer Users (a new concept).  My clients included American Microsystems, Inc. (over 200 users), Hewlett Packard, Rolm and United Way of Santa Clara County.

I invented the computer character "REK the Computer" to amuse office workers who were computer-phobic and skeptical about that strange new thing - the computer. By personalizing it, people started to warm up to computers and indeed learned to love them. They no longer feared losing their jobs because they were happily developing skills that would see them into the 21st century. REK is sometimes naughty and sometimes nice. He has a supply of REK-ons that will keep you laughing. Please enjoy!

Oh, and then there’s the name – "R E K" - pronounced “Wreck.” Lacking even a glimmer of artistic ability, I spoke with my son Kevin about how I could design the character. Well, his friend Jose Raygoza had just what I needed – talent. Almost as fast as I could come up with a saying, he sat right there and designed the drawing. After we finished a few, I realized we needed a name for our newborn character. We thought and thought but didn’t come up with anything. So, we used our initials, mine (SEG), my son Kevin’s (KCG) and Jose’s (JR). We arranged them and re-arranged them and re-re-arranged them. Then, when we saw "R E K" on the paper – that was it! “REK the Computer.” That’s exactly what my computer users wanted to do – “wreck the computer!” In fact, it was what they were doing anyway albeit not deliberately. …And a Star is Born!


A Computer

with an


If all else fails,

Read the Manual!

You know the techie (or the pseudo-techie) drill: Buy it, rip it out of the box, install it, and use...what? did this...maybe do it this way...huh?...OK, so WHERE's the  manual?

Computer Genius at Work
REK asleep at his desk

This is for those Techie Geniuses, Nerds, Geeks, Dorks, Computer Programmers and IT professionals who are also - human.  Humans doze off.

REK - If all else fails - read the manual.Text Box: The Story of REK the Computer

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Tennessee DSL Internet Service

Computer Genius at Work

Text Box: I will not crash!
Text Box: I will not crash!

Sending Hugs to Survivors of Hurricane Katrina

Text Box: Hardware, software, Underware
They all get you in the end
Thumb of "At Last, Everything is up and running."Pictures of bagsREK Jacket with HugsBlack and white cap - Computer Genius at Work.Short-sleeved shirtsDoggie shirt.Text Box: At Last! Everything’s Up and Running