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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         25 February 1998


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San Jose, CA 95110

Contact:  Sarah E. Green

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Even small businesses can contribute in a big way to the community.  This was proven by Computerific!, a small minority woman-owned business in downtown San Jose.  On Wednesday February 25th  a bus-load of students (all girls) pulled up on Market Street and an exodus began - from the bus and into the building with the big flower pots on the pavement.  45 excited students from San Benito High in Hollister had eagerly anticipated the real thing - not just the story - of how Sarah E. Green had overcome so much adversity and still grew up to live an exciting and rewarding life.

These young ladies, many of them daughters of immigrants, who have not yet mastered the English language and who are lacking for successful role models, met Sarah when she appeared at their High School at the bidding of their Counselor - Kathy Bosworth.  This group had been selected for the Career Tech program designed to encourage high-risk young women to pursue careers in science.

Their trip to Computerific! not only represented a high tech field trip but another inspirational session to see for themselves the cruise ship environment created by the “little girl who ate Spam” (for weeks).  They saw her dressed in evening gowns, being serenaded by violins at gourmet dinners.  They saw the wondrous world created by the kid who walked through the snow and the bitter cold to the other side of town to struggle for the best education in Philadelphia, Pa. 






Here they saw photos of movie stars, an astronaut and other celebrities who were her “co-workers” and students when she trained passengers aboard cruise ships.  They also saw the award given to her by former United States Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown.  For these girls, Sarah is their Cinderella.  …And all because of a good education and a loving family environment.












They saw photos of her in Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and even in Papua, New Guinea where she attended a session of parliament. They saw her in Tahiti where she became an impromptu interpreter for the ceremony that made Papaete, Tahiti sister city to Fremont, California. They saw her in Mexico, England, and Thailand. 


After the tour of Lido Deck, Promenade Deck and Rendezvous Deck, the group embarked upon Sun Deck where amid computers and port-holes Sarah responded to the questions they  posed in their “Dear Sarah letters.”  They had been asked to explain, in these letters, how they felt after her earlier presentations at their school. 


Sarah read an essay she had written for them - “It’s a Wonder-Full World” - where she encouraged them to ponder their future contributions to the world;  posed such questions as “who among you will become architects of buildings that will adorn the skyline of the San Francisco Bay Area…or of some distant shore?…” and implored them to “wonder what makes the light rail work…wonder what makes a wound heal…or a bird to fly” because “in a few years we will be turning the world over to you…for you are the future…and I love you.”

The session ended with a rendering of “I Believe I can Fly” written and sung by R. Kelly in the movie, Space Jam…and choreographed for the girls by none other than (drum roll) Sarah.  I lead them in song and movements– even “toward that open door.” On the last verse she lead them “through that open door” into the break room with the “Island of Saint Lucia” theme for the lunch of their lives.  What a day!

I believe I can fly,

I believe I can touch the sky.

I think about it every night and day.

Spread my wings and fly away.

I believe I can soar.

I see me running through that open door

I believe I can fly,

I believe I can fly,

I believe I can fly!

I can fly!


And then…back to the bus…and on to the Tech Museum of Innovation.  This will be a day to be remembered by the girls who have just started to dream of becoming the scientists and the innovators of the future. 


I believe I can flyRed bird flyingYellow bird flyingBlue bird flyingBlue bird flyingYellow bird flying
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Girl jumping up and down yelling "I can fly."Kids boarding school bus
Sarah is their Cinderella

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