July 6, 2000

Ms. Sarah E. Green
255 N. Market Street, Suite 115
San Jose, CA  95110

Dear Sarah:

I want to thank you for all that you have given to me while training me how to use the computer, MS Office Suite and the Internet properly.  You have given me so much more than just good solid computer skills.  The gifts you have given to me can’t be measured or evaluated.  You gave of yourself and that is priceless!

When I first came to you, I was feeling pretty damaged by my termination from my previous employer.  I was questioning my capabilities, and fearing that I was unhireable because of my age and weight and arthritic knees.  Every job description that I read, I felt there was no way I could do what they asked.  The way that I was terminated, caused me to question whether I was capable of working and being productive again.

While you were teaching me the class lessons, you were building my self-confidence.  Every day, in every way, you are an inspiration.  You give of yourself freely to those of us who need you so desperately.  With each lesson you taught, with every kind word you gave, my confidence grew.  You made it possible for me to see that I am a valuable human being.

When we were afraid to take the Light Rail, you were there to lead us.  When we were afraid to go to the Networking events and the Job Fairs, you were there to give us support.  When we questioned our abilities, our self-worth, you were there building us up.  You gave us pep talks before our interviews, and cheered us for our stories afterward.  We never asked a question that you couldn’t answer, or that was unworthy of an answer.  Always, you treated us with respect and dignity. 

I will forever be grateful to EDD and NOVA for making it possible for me to attend your wonderful school, and the opportunity of meeting and working with a modern day Hero.  No reward will ever be good enough for you Sarah.  Money can’t buy the goodness you have to offer.

I want to say again, thank you from my heart.  You are an Exceptional Woman!  (You are beautiful, ‘dammit’!)

With Warm Regards,

Sunnyvale, CA"



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