This was a message on a "Thank You" card received 8/98.

"Class of 8/96
Dear Sarah,

So many times, in the past few months, I have started to write you.  Now, I am compelled to follow through.

I re-entered Real Estate this year after 17 years.  Previously, before the computer age, I had delved through reams of paper and found the business too time-consuming.  With my training there, I took on a whole new world!

My MS Office, Act! and MS Excel have been my most treasured tools.

As the internet  is becoming a viable marketing vehicle, I recall how "state of the art" your school is!  I was too new to the computer age when I was there.  Now, I realize how valuable your courses were to me and my future in the business community.

Thank you so much for believing in yourself and your effect on others.


Mesa, Arizona

















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