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You already have the job but you’re doubting yourself, or feel you’re not quite prepared for the requirements.  OR you start the job on Monday bragged about your skills to the Interviewer….

¨ Customized training will be delivered on a tutorial basis rather than a classroom/school setting.

¨ A  teacher-to-student ratio of no more than 2 students will assure the success of students with no computer experience and who, in fact, may be computer phobic.

¨ A curriculum and pace designed just for you!

¨ An environment that is comfortable for the student who fears a classroom or school experience.

¨ Coaching in career success factors including soft skills and workplace expectations, if necessary.

¨ An experienced student can be completely job ready in record time because he/she will progress more rapidly by focusing only on new material.

¨ As an experienced student you will pump up your skills level by focusing on tools specific to your job or career.  Create  MS Excel spreadsheets or MS Word documents or MS PowerPoint presentations that will be useful at work.  Build a portfolio to display to employers as evidence of your skills.

¨ As an inexperienced student, Express Training will accelerate your entry/re-entry into the job market.  You will be gradually introduced to the technology in a positive and fun way.  This will be reinforced with exercises completed during labs to achieve independence. 

Express Training is provided at an hourly rate for a number of hours determined to be appropriate for the individual student.

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