The children learn to repeat:  “The World is Waiting for Me.”

Children play "Ring around the world"

Thank you for telling us that the world is waiting for us.  You also told us to never give up.  You told me to believe in myself and to always have good self-esteem.  You also said if we want it, we can do it.  You said for us to have confidence and to always help each other and to be polite with each other.  You told us to get a good education and that we would need to go to college for many years.  You also told us that it is good to have a good role model.  Thank you again for taking the time to come and talk to us.  Sincerely, Marc

“This is the girl who gave the speech.  Thank you for coming to the class room and being our role model.  One thing I learned from you is don’t be embarrassed to do well in school.  I was always embarrassed if I do well in school.  Or even get good grades in class.  So now, if I do well, I won’t be embarrassed.  I’ll be proud of myself for what I did.  Also, thank you for making me understand stuff that I never knew before.  Thank you so much.  Sincerely, Tupou”

“I just want to tell you THANK YOU.  You gave me confidence and faith in my life.  You have been a great inspiration in my life and future.  You taught me to look for things to do that are good for me.  You taught me to do things that I would never do.  I now have a goal to go to college.  Sarah, you are a lady that I never thought I would ever meet.  You have gone through a lot in your life and you overcame it and you give me the confidence to do anything.  When you were a teenager like me, you had your mom (Mother Dear) there for you.  I don’t, because my mother don’t know how to read, spell or write English, so she couldn’t help me with my homework but I have somebody that will always be here.  Thank you, Love, Terry”

“Thank you for coming to our class because the things you said were good for our education.  The things you said were don’t give up and believe in yourself and help each other.  I want to graduate from 8th grade.  The things that you said can help me to graduate.  I want to be a Doctor when I graduate from college and I believe in myself and help others to graduate.  Sincerely, Agueda”

“This is the young man who gave the speech.  Thank you for all the things you said to help me in life.  When you said to have faith and follow your dream that was a powerful thing to do.  You said to have respect and courtesy for yourself and other people.  So, one day there were two boys fighting.  So, I ran over there and stopped the fight and the next day they became friends.  Marcel”

“Thank you for coming to visit with us.  I learned a lot of stuff with you.  I like you because you always have a smile on your face.  Thank you again.  Always, Georgina”

“Thank you for coming to our class.  I remember how you told us to respect other people.  I remember when you told us to not be embarrassed for doing good in school.  I remember one thing more – how you talked to kids in a loved way like if they had questions, Sarah, you answered the questions in a loved way.  Sometimes you give candy to kids.  I forgot to tell you that the candy was good.  I remember how you called your mom Mother Dear.  I remember how you wore your red outfit.  The last thing - to bring candy, please.  Sincerely, your friend, Mr. Robert”

“Thank you for caring about us and thank you for talking a little bit about your life when you were little and thank you for talking to us how the future is.  I learned to try hard and never give up and make your own choices and I like when you told me that.  Sincerely, Carlos”

“I would like to thank you for telling me about your life story.  It showed me that the world is not fantasy, it is reality.  The memory you gave me is anyone can bring you down but it is I who has to keep up fighting to stay up.  I learned that if you give up, you are already lost.  On June 13th, would you come and see me graduate from Jr. High School?  You are one of the people who would be important to see me graduate.  I won’t let anyone get in my way.  Sincerely, DeMarco”

“Thank you for coming to our class.  You taught me to believe in myself.  If I want it, I can do it.  You taught this to me, too.  You taught me a lot of things.  One of them is to take advantage of our opportunities.  The one opportunity that really got my attention is that the world is waiting for us everyday.  This makes me want to work very hard in school to get a good education.  Sincerely, Santos”

“Thank you, Sarah, for coming and teaching us about the Role Model program.  Thank you, Sarah, for telling us to have self-esteem, saying the world is waiting for us, telling us if we want it, we can do it, never to give up, always forgive, believe in yourself, help each other and to take advantage of our opportunities.  Thank you Sarah, I am always happy because I have self-esteem.  Thank you, Sarah for telling me that there’s a good life there for me because the world is waiting for me.  Thank you for saying that I can have anything or do anything with my life.  Also, for telling me if I want it, I can have it.  We can do it.  Thank you, Sarah for telling me to forgive people.  I always forgive my friends or anybody who makes me mad.  Thank you, Sarah for telling me to believe in myself, always believe in my self.  Also, I’d like to thank you for telling me to help each other.  Yes, I help my friends and family if they need help.  Thank you so much for telling me to take advantage of our opportunities to finish school and go to college and get a good job.  Thank you so much, Sarah for all the things you told us.  Sincerely, Leo”

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Letters dated 12/6/00

Lee Mathson Middle School, San Jose, CA



“Thank you for coming to our class as a Role Model.  You know you are so sweet.  I’m going to graduate 8th grade and high school.  Then I’m going to college, too.  So I still remember you told us to not give up.  Don’t be embarrassed to say “Hi” to other people.  I also remember about your Mother Dear.  Now it was nice talking to you.  And I wish that you could come again next time.  But I wish you could come every day.  And you are so cool.  And very funny.  Well, now I have to go.  Bye, bye, bye Sweety Pie.  Sincerely and with lots of love always, Your friend, Sussy”

“Thank you for coming to our class.  The things you told us were cool but sometimes they were very sad.  I know you called your mom, Mother Dear.  The things that you told us sometimes were very funny.  You told us to work with each other and to help each other, too.  You told us when you went to school that they were all white and you were the only black girl in the whole school.  When your mom picked you up, you mom asked you what the girls were wearing to school.  You passed college when you were 40 years old.  I remember.  Good Bye, Sarah E. Green.  Sincerely, Ramos”


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