"June 29, 2000

Dear Sarah:

First and foremost I want to thank you for the patience you have shown me.  When I first came to Computerific! I did not have a lot of confidence in myself.  I had a negative attitude about myself and the work environment.

Through patience and persistence you have shown me that I do have something to offer the world.  Thank you for teaching me skills that I can take with me into the next job and that will benefit me as well as my employer.  Most of all, thank you for teaching me that I have something to offer and tricks to keep a positive outlook about life

I especially wanted to thank you for promoting the publishing of my article and taking the time out to speak with the Editor of Career Source [magazine].  I was very excited and pleased when they published my article, and without your help it would not have happened.  Thank you for giving me the chance to glow in an area that I did not know I had talent in.  Without your support and your care, I probably would have never discovered that I was a Writer.  It made me so proud when I found out that someone else liked my work besides me.

I also want to tell you that your assistance with letter and resume writing has been very helpful and greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into me.

Last of all, thank you for being a friend as well as a mentor.  I hope you will be able to continue to teach others because it would be a shame if other people missed out.  I consider myself a very lucky person that I got to benefit from your knowledge.


San Jose, CA

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