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Thank You letters


Our students express their gratitude. 

Their letters are heartfelt and representative of student sentiments:





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In response to the massive layoffs in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s Computerific! developed our long-standing and successful Career Transition Program (Computer-Based Skills).  This award-winning 220-hour program was government-funded for over a decade for dislocated workers.  The Pace Award was granted to Computerific! by the U. S. Department of Commerce in recognition of the innovative techniques used to prepare workers for the 21st century.

These workers had enjoyed many years of employment in various fields and had performed competently in making Silicon Valley a leader.  The office workers (including all levels of management) were now faced with the formidable task of learning to relate to computer technology.  Most of them felt threatened and feared that their careers were in jeopardy.  There was a lot of sadness and insecurity.

In order to provide complete supportive services, we provided not only computer training but also guidelines and practice sessions in interviewing and resume completion. 

We addressed their psychological as well as their technological needs.  We even played music and sang songs that were fun and inspiring.  One of them was “I Believe I can Fly, another was “Ain’t No Stoppin’ us now, We’re on the Move” by Luther Vandross (high-spirited and rousing). 

In a class of all women, we sang “I’m Beautiful, Damn it” by Bette Midler, and strutted around the room.  I encouraged them to wiggle and to jiggle.  In fact, I wiggled and jiggled with them.  Anything to restore confidence in the workers of tomorrow.  And don’t just take my word for it.  Click here or click the links in the frame to the right to get their accounts of what happened.

We worked with employment agencies and individual employers to perform customized training to meet their needs. 

After training in the latest Microsoft software and the Internet, students were eligible for hire. No fee was required of the employer. There are many success stories to tell about our graduates, who have gone on to fill such positions as the ones listed below:

Executive Administrative Assistant 

Office Administrator

Operations Administration Manager

Project Manager


Senior Buyer

Sales Administrator 

Quality Control Manager

Customer Service Representative 

Cost Accountant

Job Developer

Marketing Representative

Collection Manager

Traffic Manager

Warehouse Manager

Sales Manager

PDA Assistant 

Legal/Credit Retriever

Data Entry Clerk






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Computerific! strives to convince people of all ages and backgrounds that computers are terrific!

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